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Good morning Bloomfield Town Council ….It is our money!

April 12, 2008

The main problem that is not being “felt” with the most of the Council members is that it is our money they are spending.  Watching them toss our dollars around I feel like a parent that has given a 16 year old my credit card and off they go with no one watching over them as they run through the mall spending foolishly.  They cut last week from 5.9% increase to 2.8% and they can go lower for sure – 2.0% would be a great goal or even 0%.

I ask you… when someone looses their job in a household and income drops what does one do?  They start getting rid of expenses they don’t NEED.  What do we need?  Ask that realistically.  What do we really need in this town of Bloomfield?

We have 4 major expenses in town that we have control to lower the bill and/or make more effective.  Public Safety, Wintonbury Golf Course, Board of ED and the Economic Development Commission. 

Things we don’t have control over is our huge MDC bill and the bond expense for the new school.  The MDC bill that is quite large – in the millions – The State of CT is to blame for that bill.  Are we surprised? 

Okay,  we are gearing up for the week of April 14thmeetings and interesting questions and comments have come to me from my very concerned neighbors and people I do business in town and my associate who attends the meetings with me who is Michael Voutsas.

First question is what is the average income of the town of Bloomfield? Confirmed by the Council last week… not one employee makes less than $50,000 that works for the town except for two and they are in the Registrars office and they only work 20 hours a week.  God bless them.  This could be very upsetting if our average income in town is $35,000.  So, we need to get that figure.

How many employees for the town are actually residents of the town of Bloomfield?

The police!  This is absolutely out of control in that our town manager is hiring and desiring more coppers without firm data that we even need them.  We are spending $6 million for a staff of 54 and 33 being coppers for a small town like us of 20,000.  Our town manager is increasing to almost $7 million which is 8%  increase.  Question is, what the actual crime statistics and real numbers to justify these new coppers.  As Michael wrote to Councilman Merritt noting that the Town managers comments when asked why do we need the increase in Public Safety…”do you want another Hartford” does not justify an 8% increase and a bill of $7MM.  What are the stats?  This is an information society now.  We do not operate anymore with off the cuff answers to huge questions.  In my business I have to back up everything I say and I expect that same treatment from our town manager that I would give him.

How many policemen live in Bloomfield?

Another question is since we spend $17,000 per student in town – we are the lowest ranked in education. How many children are actually in town and how many do “not” attend the public schools in Bloomfield?

We all know that Gillette Ridge and Wintonbury have put Bloomfield on the map.  The only way that Bloomfield could get to front row is to increase the scores of our school system and brag about it.  Scream and shout because when buyers are moving into town they look at schools for resale value of their home. 

I have one businessman in town that said to me yesterday “is Bloomfield trying to force me out of town” becuase of taxes?  Why am I staying here  when I could go to Simsbury or Avon and pay the same in taxes and get better appreciation on my house.  Of course I said the same thing last year.  Since I am in the biz of selling property I have looked at moving to Avon or Simsbury because of that same reason even though I do not have children.  We obviously spend enough and it is obvious the $ is not going to the children.  We have too many “secretaries” at the BOE and we should NOT be paying for a teacher to go to China for two weeks that you and I are paying for.  That is absolute thievery!

Next question: Why don’t we have someone in town that we already employee gather data from all over the country on different tax plans that each town that benefits the townspeople?  There are loads of progressive tax plans to help the people in town without basing it on income of the townspeople.  Tax caps, tax freezes, there are loads of programs that are very fair that we are not even studying.  Let’s go – get to work – get the data and let’s get pro-active.  Hmmmmmm – maybe people would want to move to Bloomfield if we were state of the art with our tax plan.  Wow, there’s an idea!!!!!!!

Wintonbury Golf course – it is a disaster in that – if you observe that the course is packed 7 days a week from sun up to sundown wouldn’t you think that it should be paying for itself?  Well, it’s not.  We the town are still paying for Wintonbury GC.  Okay, so where would you look first?  How is it being run?  Managment perhaps?  I do know from extremely knowedgeable sources that Managment is not qualified for their jobs.  We are not sure who hired these people but that is the most obvious place to look.  The GM and the Pro need to be moved out and we need qualified people running the show.  Until that happens things will not change even when we get rid of the $400,000 annual lease payments next year.  Im smellin a rat!

Economic Development Commission.  The person is our town managers pick and the pick has got to either pick up or pack up.  That department is asking for this year $139,737 I believe an 8.66 increase.  I have done research on the department and the person never shows up to meetings and when the person does attend any EDC meetings for other towns they are late.  The person is very ineffective was the general consensus.  Now one of our council members brought up to put another $50K into the pot.  We need to get what we have out and reassign the salary for this job.  We need someone effective in that department and we don’t want our Town Manager to have the say on who it will be this time.

I still think it is pretty lousy that the Talcott Mountain Science Center doesn’t use a Bloomfield address since it is in our town.   

Any questions or comments you want heard or answered please comment from this blog or shoot me an email at

I am starting to dream about these issues now – not good for my sleep.  Gotta go and make some money today to stay current with my taxes.