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April 15, 2008

Everyone must know that if we want to not pass this budget we need to get 900 signaures from registered voters in this town.  Who’s game?

Second, there was a Budget Hearing on the calendar for Tuesday the 15th on and it was canceled without any notice anywhere.  The Town council pulled a fast one on us for sure.  Thank goodness Roy Duncan was in communication with one of the council members and gave us the heads up.

Okay, if everyone is so concerned about their tax bill then they have to actually show up at the committee meetings and the town council meetings and say what is on their mind or just sit and show some interest.  There were less than 10 people in the room last night at the council meeting.  I can see that maybe it is because we realize that the council doesn’t listen.  I saw a chink in the armour last night.

Now, here is a list of the meetings that are coming up if you don’t want to check on

If you are unhappy about our finances in town then attend the finance meeting next Monday night @ 7:00.  Discussions about building a new school to consolidate 3 buildings will be on the table. 

If you are unhappy about how many police we have in town then attend the meeting on April 28th@ 6:00 p.m. Then at 7:30 there is a Town Council meeting.

If you are unhappy with where Bloomfield is heading or have ideas on the vision of where Bloomfield should be going then attend the Economic Development meeting this Thursday night @ 7:00 p.m.

If you are furious that we paid for Wintonbury Golf Course from soup to nuts and think it is being mismanaged since we all know it is a cash cow and we the residents are still paying for the course then please attend the May 12th Golf meeting at 6:00 p.m.

Last night’s meeting was televised.  Town Council allowed comments.  Mr. Roy Duncan once again stood up for the citizens of Bloomfield and wanted answers to a lot of great questions.  His opening line which is on the minds of all is that it was too darn warm in the building.  Truthfully it had to be 70 plus degrees as it always is when we have gone to these meetings.    Yes, we all conserve in our homes to save money and it was suggested that the Town Hall building do the same.   We have all of the money and we have all of the staff to perform all things in our town but nothing is being managed properly.  Leaking roofs, burnt out lights in parking lots, etc.

The second slap in the face for us was as we walked into the Town Hall there was a sign in the middle of the hallway saying “Now Hiring Police – starting pay $56,+++”….. Does Hartford pay their policeman that much?  Again, we ask what is the average income for the entire town of Bloomfield?  How many policeman live in Bloomfield?  

How many town employees live in Bloomfield?  If we find the average income for Bloomfield is $35,000 – pretty sad that our town employees are making more then $50,000 except for two people.

Next was the line we all know…show us the money!  Roy mentioned that there were funds given to Bloomfield for drainage ditch repairs in the Foothills area of Bloomfield.  Money has been given to Bloomfield to ramp up Filley Pond – we are hearing to the tune of $1 million.  Where are these funds and why aren’t they being used?  People are extremely unhappy about both  areas not being repaired or replaced and they are making it known to all of the powers that be and still no progress.

We the tax payers simply can’t justify these costs in Public Safety, Board of Education, Economic Development Commission, Wintonbury Golf course and other areas until we know we need the service.

The Town Council did not come up with answers to Roy Duncan’s list of questions that were all spot on and all stated in the blogs.  I’m not clear if they are going to come up with the answers.  My take on this is it’s in our lap to get the stat’s ourselves.

We did get an accurate Per Student cost in Bloomfield which is approx. $13,000 plus not $17,000 or $19,000 that has been floating around.  Roy did mention scores are the lowest in the state and in our popluation rank of 30 towns we rank 29th.  Scores have to improve in this town. 

Board of Ed – there is fat that needs to be trimmed. Too many secretaries and a paid trip for a teacher to China for two weeks is not acceptable.  Who knows what else lurks.  Testing scores for the kids are not acceptable and we should not allow any increases in their budget until the scores go up.  It is that simple.  

Question still unanswered is how many children in town in total and how many do NOT attend the public school system vs how many attend our schools in this town that do not live in this town.   I guess I will have to call the superintendents office to find that out.

Crime statistics – where is the crime and how much do we have?  Police department should have those statistics.

Finance Committee meeting is next Monday as I mentioned earlier – one of the topics will be to consolidate the elementary schools in town into one and build a New larger school.  Compare that to keeping 3 older buildings that all 3 need major renovations.  If we have a new larger school with designs to have the small classrooms for Preschool to Grade 3 – the State of CT would be involved with funding that project at a larger level I gathered.  A new central school building would be more efficient to maintain.  

Good news time:  Our theater is having a Grand Opening next Thursday the 24th @ 5:00 p.m.!  Whoohooo!  Great news.  Keep in mind this would be a great place for us to get our “referendum” started since we need 900 votes to squash the budget.

If anyone watched 60 minutes this Sunday and saw those kids in Venezuela perform on stage – well, we have that same talent right in Bloomfield.  Bloomfield’s child musicians, instrumentalists and singers were on stage performing at the Bushnell last Friday night with the theme of “Visions”.  Some of the Council members attended and noted that the audience was so moved by the performance they were in tears during their performance. Scot Haney and Brad Davis were the MC’s.  Brad’s quote was “seven years ago there were just a handful of musicians at Bloomfield High…”

 Bravo Bloomfield!