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April 17, 2008


                                                                     Red Hot Poker


This morning as I am zipping through my emails and sipping on my coffee I read the following quote from a teacher that is discussing immigration and the education system in our country.  Here is this teachers confession…

“My principal ‘encouraged’ me to promote students to the next grade level even when they failed to demonstrate competence at their grade level. Those kids faltered in the classroom because their parents failed them as to homework and educational attitude”. 

It gets better…

“Teachers called it “affirmative action grading.” Students learned they could goof off, never turn in homework and still be advanced to the next grade. By the time they reached their senior year, they enjoyed full-fledged avoidance of academic work for passing grades. They graduated, essentially illiterate, to move on to “affirmative action jobs.” In other words, they got something for nothing! Then, they took jobs where they ‘showed up’ for a paycheck”.

Okay, now how do you feel after reading this quote? 

I’m not done…

“In California, students speak over 100 languages. Connecticut features 140 languages. Every state suffers multiple languages that wreak havoc in American schools”.

Now I understand why Bloomfield’s school system score ratings are the lowest in the state.  We the taxpayers on a local and national level are paying for teachers to conform with the Governments and local school requirements which in this case are proving not to work by our scoring system. 

In Bloomfield we do know we have too many secretaries in the Board of Education in Bloomfield.  To compare scores go to and compare Bloomfield scores with other towns.  One secretary at the Board of Edcuation hasa  job  to go fetch food for the other secretaries.   One teacher is going to China for two weeks to a conference and the taxpayers are paying for it. 

This explains why are scores are at rock bottom in Bloomfield and the USA in major cities.  We are spending over 35 million in the town of Bloomfield for bad educations and  billions of dollars in the US  on educating children from foreign countries that live illegally in the United States.  Who knows how many kids are illegal in  Bloomfield? 

Micromanagers – where are you when we need you????